Advomatic First to Offer Managed Pantheon Hosting

Our long-time colleagues at Advomatic have just rolled out a service that Pantheon users have asked for since we first announced the project. They are the first hosting provider to offer direct end-user support for the high-performance "Mercury" stack, which is now available on all of their fully-managed hosting plans.

We're thrilled to be working with them on this and it's a big step forward for Pantheon. You can read the press release here, and you can learn about Advomatic's hosting service here:

This means that you can now get all of the performance benefit of Pantheon without having to do any of the work to get your server up and running and keep the system up to date. Advomatic manages everything for you. They also offer 24X7 support, a 100% network uptime SLA, and very flexible hosting plans. They even offer an extended support for Pressflow/Drupal maintenance: no more worrying about security updates!

Have any questions? Send Advomatic an email.