Chapter Three and the Future of Design

I'm not a blogger and mostly a person of images, not words, so turn back now if you're looking for a pithy read. Plus, I broke my hand which is a funny way to start a new job that relies on said hand. Bad writing aside, I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Nica Lorber, I'm the new Creative Director at Chapter Three, and I'm thrilled to be here.

I've worked with Josh and Zack in the past, having been one the pioneering team at Music for America. I was their first hire in fact, in 2003. I had left my previous career as an animator and embarked on the wonderful world of graphic design, politics, web strategy, and open source content management systems and have never looked back. Along the way I was fortunate enough to work with a plethora of innovative political start ups including Forward Montana, New Era Colorado, the League of Young Voters, the Washington Bus, Green for All and many more that were pushing the boundaries of how we civically engage through online empowerment.

Five years later I'm rejoining some of my original team mates in the field of web innovation to see how we can continue to push the envelope. So hello! I'm here to bring my design expertise into the fold and help shape Chapter Three into not just a lead Drupal development house, but a lead Drupal design house as well. To see some of the work we've already done together, check out and Sun Microsystems.

Ready, set, GO!