Chapter Three Experts Program: The Drupal Way

We spend a lot of time at Chapter Three talking about how we do our work and developing the project management and developer tools we need to make sure everything runs smoothly. Our team has grown considerably in the last year and its important to us to continue to keep the bar high and have each member of the team produce high quality work the Drupal way. We see our design and development work as more than just meeting a specification for a project, but rather something that fits into a larger framework of how Drupal design, development, and deployment should be done. Best practices are wonderful things.

It is in that spirit that we would like to announce the Chapter Three Experts program as an initiative to involve high quality people in our company to help make sure we keep a high level of Drupal excellence. In practical terms, Chapter Three Experts advise on large scale architectural decisions, help design and develop custom functionality for our client and company projects, and provide tier-three Drupal support and advanced training to our development team. Chapter Three will coordinate our Drupal outreach efforts with our experts to help maximize our contributions and community involvement.

To kick off the program, I would like to formally welcome Neil Drumm to our team as a Chapter Three Expert. Neil is a longtime Drupal contributor who is the branch maintainer for Drupal 5, maintains the ever useful, and is developing the very awesome Dashboard module for the new He is a wonderful person and Chapter Three has had the privilege of sharing office space and working on several projects with him over the last few years.

On a personal note, I have had the pleasure of knowing Neil for years and still remember the day he came into the ACM@UIUC office to inform everyone he was dropping out of the prestigious UIUC Computer Science program to work on something funny sounding called "Drupal" with a boy named Zack and another one named Josh. The rest is, of course, history.

In addition to his participation with Chapter Three's Experts Program, Neil works as an independent Drupal consultant with and will continue to do wonderful and amazing things for the Drupal community.