Chapter Three will be at DrupalCamp LA

Chapter Three is happy to sponsor DrumpCamp LA this weekend, August 7th and 8th, but most importantly, our very own Squiggy Rubio and Jon Skulski will be giving sessions as well.

On the development side of things, Jon will be giving Southern California a sneak peak of his upcoming Drupalcon CPH2010 talk, "Building a Drupal Site Recipe: From Design to Development". He'll walk through his process for breaking down design comps and show how to create a development blueprint.

For themers out there, Squiggy will be discussing a module that's very near and dear to Chapter Three's heart with her session, "Panels Everywhere Theming". When I asked her why Chapter Three loves evangelizing this particular module, she smiled and laid down the law with, "Not only does Panels Everywhere provide a more advanced way to manage site wide elements and provide variation for any sections of a site, it can also streamlines the process of building a custom theme". She'll give a run-down of tips for site building with Panels Everywhere, along with a walk through on how to build a PE-enabled page layout.

We would love to see an audience full of knowledge-hungry Drupalists and Drupalistas, so be sure to check out Squiggy's session on Saturday at 4pm and Jon's at 10am on Sunday.