The Day You Dress Yourself: The New Chapter Three Website

There comes a time in the life of every young child when begin to dress yourself. No longer are you content with the dorky collared shirt your mother laid out for you each morning or the matching shoes you and your siblings wore because it was just easier that way. Instead, you yearn for a little class, a little flash, and for the older kids some san francisco style.

In this spirit, for our first year and a half of doing business, Chapter Three has rolled with a functional and utilitarian website design created by, well, Josh's mother. A great graphic designer in her own right, Josh's mother helped us with an initial design and it helped kick off our successful business.

However, with no disrespect to Jeremy Bentham or Josh's mother, we recently put our collective heads together with the inspired graphic artist Monica Katzenell and are launching a new website. The new design is a little sleeker and gives a lot more information throughout the site about who we are as a company, the projects we have done, and the way we have participated in the Drupal community.

To make it all happen, on a technical level we make moderately liberal use of the Drupal block system and created several of our pages with the soon to be dominate Drupal content layout system called Panels module. Much of the image resizing is done through Imagecache and there is some neat integration with the Bio Module to generate our About Page listing and store biographical about everyone who works for the company.

Now that we are all dressed up, anyone want to dance?