Dotster Does Drupal?

Today I got an email from the Dotster domain registrar, where I have a few old domains, advertising a new site-builder. In the interest of keeping up with the state of the industry, I click through to check out their "content management" offering:

"In addition to giving you the ability to edit your website and control interactive features like a blog or external content from an RSS feed, a Content Management System can act as powerful knowledge management tool."

Sounds good. Well imagine my surprise when I get to the screenshots and discover it's Drupal:

"Add Pages. Create and Administer Content."

"Add Users. Assign Access."

This is without a doubt Drupal 5 running Garland, and this would be pretty cool (Dotster has serious reach), except that the product is being advertised as Dotster Design Studio(SM). SM stands for Service Mark, basically it is equivalent to TM (trademark), for a non-product.

Now, I'm a well-know outlaw and ignore copyright on a regular basis -- and I have no doubt Dotster got this cleared by a whole fleet of lawyers -- but this strikes me as shady at best. Unethical and uncool even if it is technically legal. Seems like par for the course from these guys.

It would be well and fine (in fact, quite good!) for Dotster to offer Drupal as their "blessed" CMS, but they should be honest about it rather than biting off (forking?) the project and slapping their own brand on it. Boo Dotster!

Maybe we can all use the request a free quote link to let them know we're not happy about this? Their regular contact page is here. Oh, and transfer away any domains you may have with them. I know I will be.