Drupal Lunch San Francisco Wrap-up

We gave our first Drupal Lunch presentation with Kieran Lal at Acquia last Thursday. Thirsty Bear served a tasty buffet and we lucked out with attendees. From e-commerce companies investigating a Drupal re-launch to communication consultants researching the latest web technology, we got a chance to meet with the earliest of Drupal adopters climbing the Drupal project's learning curve. John Faber graciously recorded the audio of the presentation here if you are curious. It was a real pleasure for Kieran and myself and we are looking forward to producing the next events in the near future.

We are working with Development Seed to hold a Drupal Lunch at the DC Drupal Con in a few weeks. Registration will be open shortly and we will follow up with more details. We are also planning the next San Francisco Drupal Lunch, likely to focus on designing sites with Drupal. We'll be posting more on both of these events in the near future.