Drupal in Paradise

Our office in San Francisco is pretty cool, but to commemorate our first year in business we decided to roll down the coast and do a little Drupal development somewhere even more wonderful than San Francisco. So we got ourselves some airline tickets, got hooked up with a great house with glass walls right on the beach, invited a few friends, and moved the operation to a small fishing village about two hours by dirt roads north of Cabo San Lucas. Why do development with Drupal in an office when you can do it on the beach? We are equipped with some WIFI internet broadcast from an amped twenty foot omni-directional antenna, a couple bags of vegetarian food brought from rainbow grocery in San Francisco, Zack's overflowing iPod, and all the fresh oranges, mangoes, avacados, cantaloupes, and strawberries we can eat. It's a perfect setup to spend the next two weeks building websites, rocking emails, doing a little skype with our clients, and having a two week long Drupal beach party. There are definitely plenty of distractions and we might have some complications from an incoming hurricane, but there is a certain tranquility in coding from a beach in Mexico.