"Hej". Chapter Three is presenting some great sessions at Drupalcon Copenhagen.

Drupalcon Copenhagen is in full swing and, as you can expect, Chapter Three has made the trip from San Francisco to Denmark. We'll be spreading plenty of Drupal knowledge throughout the entire week, so whether you're looking for a session on Design, Code & Dev, or Business, we'll have someone from the team discussing a little something for everyone.

  • Jon Skulski is bringing his site-building mastery to CPH2010 in "Architecting a Drupal Site: From Composition to Completion". Re-imagining comps into development roadmaps, finding quality modules, and deciding when to write your own code are all fair game in this complete guide to development.
  • Jen Lampton's throwing down the gauntlet and riling up some #drupaldrama with her extremely controversial session, "WordPress is better than Drupal: developers take note". When you look at CMS market share, it's clear Wordpress is doing something right, so what pages of their playbook are of interest to Drupal 8? Rotten eggs and tomatoes may possibly be thrown, but there's little doubt that attendees will be enlightened by the end of the talk.
  • C3 Designers Nica Lorber and Floor Vahn Herreweghe will be sharing their efficiency tips and tricks with "Design for Drupal: A Template Approach - Cut Your Design Time Down By 200%". There will be no code discussed at this session, making it one of those few code-free havens in an otherwise code-loaded conference. Designers rejoice.
  • Josh Koening's session "Inside Pantheon: Pressflow, Hudson and Varnish, Oh My!" is almost like a cooking show, in that he'll be going over all the delightful ingredients that are found in Pantheon. Josh believes empowering users is how Drupal will continue to win over converts from traditional CMSs, and this breakdown of Pantheon is a great look at that potential future. (Co-presented with David Strauss)
  • Last by not least, Matt Cheney will be joining a group of well-known Drupal firm owners and managers for the aptly-titled panel, "Managing a Drupal Consulting Firm". Have questions on what it takes to run a Drupal firm? Interested in hearing some success stories? Want to ask Matt about this? It's all there.

Wordpress vs. Drupal, development roadmaps, Pantheon's power, streamlined design processes, and running a Drupal firm. There's plenty of interesting topics for everyone, so feel free to drop by and say "Hej!".