Join us for BADCamp 2013

Are you ready for BADCamp?

With almost 1600 people registered, this year's BADCamp is promising to be one of the largest yet, and we can't wait for it to get here! Chapter Three will be participating in all 4 days of the event by teaching Drupal, giving talks, and helping organize.

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Free trainings have sold out, but frequently there is availability at the door. Come to Sutardja Dai hall and try your luck. All trainings start at 9am.

  • Level Up Your Themer

    Level up your Themer, offered both Thursday and Friday, is one of our best courses. It's perfect for people straddling that bridge between site builder and themer.

  • Drupal Performance and Scalability

    Nick Lewis will be joining the Dream Team for a full day training on Drupal Performance and Scalability. His practical wit lends a good counterpoint to the other trainers. If you've want your site to be lightning fast, then this is the course for you!

Mobile Summit

Our team will be showcasing our Drupal Mobile wins. Nica Lorber will share solutions we pioneered to give Drupal admins more flexibility with structured content.

Say Hello!

Stop by our booth Saturday or Sunday to speak with our team, pick up some new swag, and chat about all things Drupal.


  • Wireframing Smarter

    Kicking off the Chapter Three sessions Garret will demystify Chapter Three's proven wireframing techniques that help us create the easy, intuitive sites we all love.

    Time: 2pm
    Room: Dwinelle E 219
    Speaker: Garret Voorhees


  • Best Practices vs. Reality: How to Create Amazing Websites Under Un-amazing Circumstances

    Nica LorberOn Sunday Nica Lorber wades through the differences between site development reality and the lofty goals of industry best practice. This is a session not to be missed!
    Time: 12pm
    Room: VLSB 2040
    Speaker: Nica Lorber
  • Building BADCAMP: A Retrospective

    Sunday morning the camp organizers will be discussing their experiences in the organizing BADCamp
    Time: 11am
    Room: Dwinelle D 145
    Speakers: Matt Cheney, Darius Garza, David Hwang, Jen Lampton, Kate Miller, Anne Stefanyk, Meghan Sweet


Kudos to the organizers

If you happen to see Darius, myself or Mark running around the camp, give us a quick wave. Our team has hosted the meetings, designed the site, and will be onsite recording the sessions during the entire event. We hope you enjoy the event and think it's the best yet. See you there!