Make The Most Of Drupalcon Copenhagen: Spend A Day With "The Dream Team"

For the growing universe of developers turning to Drupal as a solution for mission-critical or highly ambitious applications, the question is less and less "can we build it?" and more and more "how do I scale it?"

For those of you considering attending DrupalCon Copenhagen this August looking to answer those kinds of questions, I humbly submit that in addition to immersing yourself in the inspirational slipstream that is the Drupal community, you come a day early — and get your employer or client to find a little extra budget ;) — to attend the Scalability and Performance Workshop on Monday August 23rd:

Train with the Dream Team

This training is going to cover the practical details of setting up a Drupal server that's ready to handle internet-scale traffic — a top to bottom build with nothing left out or glossed-over — and answer your questions about best practices and processes for building high performance and high scalability sites. I am extremely proud to be helping with this workshop, along with the rest of the "Dream Team" of Matt Westgate, Robert Douglass, David Strauss and Narayan Newton.

This is a group that has built and launched sites that are collectively by now running into the hundreds of millions of pageviews. We've been there. We've made the mistakes. We've vetted the cutting edge technologies. Spending a day with us could save you weeks in getting your next big project up and running.

Not only will the day be packed with real hands-on work, it should also be a lot of fun. We're not quite the Harlem Globetrotters, but we're pretty close. I can personally promise some good laughs and interesting connections to go along with the firehose of know-how.

Hope to see you in Copenhagen!