OpenID: And There She Goes!

It's been incredible watching OpenID catalyze the identity industry in real time. In terms of getting a new platform technology off the ground I can think of no single harder market to work in than the identity space (that is until now).

Identity technology is only really useful when it is widely adopted, that is when you can use your identity to sign into many different services -- and at the same time it is very hard for a new technology to gain adoption unless it is generally useful -- all of which is complicated by the incredibly large privacy, security, usability, and business concerns that come along with centralizing someones identity information.

And yet the OpenID did it, and relatively quickly! By minimizing scope and getting the technology down to it's bare essentials, aligning players in the market as allies in 'coopertition', and executing beautifully, the OpenID community has pulled off something incredible -- started something huge.

Here is a look back at notable events in last year and a half in the world OpenID: