PANTHEON AMI's Now Stocked In EU Availability Zones

It was a lot of fun to launch Pantheon at DrupalCon Paris. We got some great feedback, some great advice, and generated quite a lot of general interest. Today I'm happy to announce that we've made all three of our AMIs available in Amazon's EU datacenters, so our friends and fans across the Atlantic can see what we mean by "stand on the shoulders of giants":

  • Mercury: liquid metal fast drupal stack with Pressflow, Varnish and APC.
  • Vulcan: a two-image set showing you how to use Hudson, the leading open-source continuous integration system, with Drupal so you can test your stack and sleep better at night.
  • Aegir: take the Aegir deployment platform for a test-drive without having to touch the command line.

These projects in the Pantheon are all just beginning. We are expecting updated releases, an improved Pantheon site, and a few new entries in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for details.