The Pantheon Project Blazes Ahead

There is something just awesome about using a Drupal site hosted with Pantheon. Snappy page loads will make you happy, and when your pages generate up to ten times faster you will really feel the difference. Even though it makes Josh nervous (since we're still in beta testing) it has been really fun for us to play with the first Pantheon powered sites out in the wild. In all we have tracked over 1,000 Pantheon servers launch so far during the beta test phase of the Mercury stack.

We're getting very close to a stable 1.0 release for the Mercury Stack. So far, the biggest feedback we have heard from testers was that A) The stack needed to be able to run everywhere, not just on Amazon EC2, and B) Once a server was launched, improvements and changes to Mercury needed to be portable to live environments.

To address B, we recently added support to Mercury for BCFG2, a server configuration management system. Thanks to the magic of BCFG2, all changes to the Mercury stack (managed in a BZR source code repository) can be easily pushed to live Mercury servers. This provides the best of both worlds, all the power of the Mercury stack available to those that need the flexibility of managing their own server. Those wanting to roll their own can branch a config-set from our public launchpad repository right now.

To address A, we have a lot of exciting announcements in store soon, but first..

New Pantheon Website


Say hello to the new Pantheon website designed by our own Nica Lorber. Click around, and you'll soon discover our big announcement...

Announcing the Mercury on Demand Service

Soon, we will be offering a Mercury on Demand hosting service built on top of the Rackspace Cloud! We will begin private beta testing with our first customers later this month.

Our first hosting package will be comparable to Slicehost, Linode, and other VPS providers in terms of service and cost, but with one big difference -- our server environments, available at the click of a button, will come set up with the full Mercury stack capable of running Drupal 200+ times faster.

Also, we're excited to leverage the wonderful libcloud project in offering our on-demand service. This powerful open-source python library allows us to use a single interface to talk to a growing list of cloud hosts, meaning we'll be able to utilize other clouds in subsequent service offerings going forward.

If you are interested in being part of our private beta program please sign up here. Otherwise, stay tuned, there will be more announcements shortly.