• Phil Boden
    Drupal Developer and Themer
December 08, 2015
At Chapter Three, we’re quite versed with Drupal training. We have a long history of instructing the community on the various ways to use, theme and develop for Drupal. One of our more popular training courses has always been a head-to-toe walkthrough of Drupal 7 theming.
June 10, 2013
Recently, I had the special fun of migrating a new client’s site over to a new host. Everything was going smoothly and quickly until I got to the Files folder. It contained a 4-gigabyte hodgepodge of images, thumbnails, pdfs, known site backups and unknown site backups (Yes, unknown! I don't count the WordPress version of the site from six years ago as a "known about" backup). It got me thinking about one part of Drupal that I think many take for granted: The Files system. Drupal is three-part system: Database, Code and Files.