Zero to Sixty: The Drupal Way

A couple years back, Chapter Three made a commercial where I embraced my tangential family legacy by quickly firing off a few rounds to highlight Drupal offering "rapid prototyping like you've never seen". Since then Chapter Three has done plenty of prototyping and has built dozens of sites, some on extremely tight timelines, but yesterday sets the company record for speed of design, development, and deployment of Drupal.

In just over 10 hours using the entire team assembled in our Humboldt County office, we ran a full Drupal design process, simultaneously delegated the configuration and coding tasks - including deploying the new Panels 3 module and getting the MP3 audio integration working. As we do with all of our sites, we made sure to include our Search Engine Visibility best practices and some Views 2 powered custom administration interfaces. We were even able to fix a few bugs with Audio module and contribute the work back as a patch.

So behold, Grown Kids Radio. The site was developed for Dan Finnerty, our exceptionally talented financial manager, who also doubles as the equally talented DJ Spinnerty. With some other cool kids, he has a radio show on Pirate Cat Radio, 87.9 FM and can now use the power of Drupal to spread their "neck snapping beats" around the world. Listen to their show live each Thursday from 12 to 2 PT and once they finish the content migration check out their past episodes. Thanks to Drupal for making it all possible.