Launches on Drupal 6.0 w/Menu Trails

Chapter Three is pleased to announce that, the developer community for a worldwide effort to build a better Embedded Linux platform (with the involvement of the likes of Intel), has re-launched on Drupal 6.0.

This is our first big project to get out the door on Drupal 6, and I've got to say it was a really great experience. Getting oriented was a bit of a challenge at first, but there are so many common-sense improvements to the Module API and Theme layers, it makes development easier than ever.

In addition to utilizing the latest releases of Organic Groups, CCK and Views, Moblin features a completely re-vamped and re-built Menu Trails module, which we've developed to add some usability goodness to Drupal's default Primary/Secondary links and Breadcrumbs. Menu Trails allows individual nodes to automatically appear "under" an existing menu item based on their type, taxonomy, and now Organic Group. This is then reflected throughout the visible nav hierarchy, and now in the breadcrumbs as well:


Look for an official 6.0 release within a few weeks, featuring all of the above, plus pathauto integration and more.

Moblin also features a number of developer-centric innovations such as shared authentication and status updates from Bugzilla, as well as project-level integration with Git for updates via RSS. These were developed on a custom basis since they're particular to the back-end system architecture of the project, but in my opinion a huge part of the appeal of Drupal it's power as a platform which allows for powerful custom integration to be developed rapidly, safely, and extensibly. Drupal performs very well at the center of a Web 3.0 "cloud".

There's sure to be more to come as the Moblin community rallies around their 2.0 launch and begins a big push over the next year. It's quite encouraging to see this kind of synergy between Open Source projects. We at Chapter Three are definitely excited for what's next.