Drupal conference organizing distribution! In Space?

In April, NASA CoLab announced an RFP for "Partnership Software" which very explicitly requested the software to be built on an open source CMS, used for one particular use case, then packaged up and released as an installable application. Hello Drupal install profile! Chapter Three won the bid and we are now building a full downloadable Drupal product that organizers can use to facilitate participatory conferences ala BarCamp, DrupalCon etc.

It will support:

  • conference invitation
  • registration
  • session proposals w/ voting
  • note-taking
  • forming post-conference working groups

Conferences can be quite complex and we don't want this distro to be, so we've planned multiple phases of development to provide time for rethinking and refactoring. Development of the distro will go through the end of June.

Building on lessons learned from the DrupalCon Sunnyvale, DrupalCamp Toronto and other Drupal-based conference organizing websites, we're constructing the distro in a sustainable and replicable manner: relying on as few and as stable modules as possible, implementing functionality cleanly, and producing thorough documentation.

If you want to keep track of the project please join our Drupal Group, Conference Organizing Distribution. We will be publishing as much of the "guts" of the project as possible throughout our development cycle. We've got a project vision, use cases overview, and technical specification pages up so far. You should expect a finished technical specification, a public rough prototype, and design comps later this week.

Please get in touch on the group and or via email if you or your organization are interested in this project.