Style and Substance at Drupalcon DC

I have always been impressed with the contrasting mix of craziness and competence in the Drupal community. Only in our wonderful world can a rockstar create industry leading educational videos, those who cannot vote or drive can still patch core, the sexiest man in Drupal is also one of the baldest, and somehow skills in customizing websites translates to customizing beautiful fixed gear bicycles. Deciding to start Chapter Three with Josh and Zack was one of the best decisions I have ever made and so much better than the stuffy alternatives.

As a company who regularly handles half a dozen client projects, its not always an easy thing to take time off. However, Drupalcon DC was shaping up to be a fantastic event and we decided to bring the entire company to share in the community and learn from the best. Chapter Three also had our own rockstar moments with Matt presenting our work on PBS Engage, Josh demonstrating crowd pleasing techniques to Handle Asynchronous Data with AJAX/AHAH, Jen talking about her experiences running BADCamp, and Matt (with NeilGreg + Ezra) doing a security double header session with plenty of live demonstrations.

To help spread the good word, Drupal evangelist Zack took the stage to present "Drupal Lunch" (feat. Kieran Lal) and educate DC based CTOs and technology decision makers about the benefits of using Drupal. Josh (and the rest of the Drupal Dojo) ran an all day session talking about screencasting and Drupal education. Jon released the Live Update module and we all threw down for patches and strategy at the code sprint.

The nightlife at Drupalcon is always very unique and Chapter Three was happy to host an epic party Thursday night at the Asylum Rock and Roll Lounge. The following night we combined two wonderful elements (chx + a limo) and headed to Virginia to spend the evening playing lasar tag with Dimitri, Charlie, and our flat hat awesome friends at Zivtech. Drupalcon was fantastic and a big thanks to Bonnie for making it all rock. It's a great community of which to be a part, I woudn't have it any other way.