Drupalcon 2010 in San Francisco?

Chapter Three has a long history of bringing together the rockstars to make wonderful things happen and as participants in the open source process we understand that sometimes making the coolest things takes a community. We have an amazingly vibrant Drupal community in San Francisco - and the surrounding Bay Area - and so it was that we decided to come together to propose something awesome - Drupalcon 2010 in San Francisco.

We have been working hard over the past couple of months - meeting every Wednesday in the Chapter Three office or at Parisoma - to plan, prioritize, and finally propose to the Drupal Association that the next North American Drupalcon be held in late March 2010 in downtown San Francisco at the Moscone Center. It is a lot of work to run a great conference, but we have the right people and the right attitude to produce a wonderful conference in the city we love.

San Francisco is a world class city and a great place to hold a Drupal conference. We are home to Silicon Valley, one of the most vibrant technology communities in the world, and with thousands of web developers, designers, and writers nearby we can guarantee tremendous local buzz and attendance. San Francisco has always been an incubator for startups and new technological innovation and as we look forward, as a Drupal community, to the next few years innovation on the web - what better place to have that conversation that at Drupalcon in San Francisco?

San Francisco is also a center for culture, cuisine, and creativity. Our location offers an ideal combination of cross-pollination with other innovators online, business connections for the expanding Drupal marketplace, and a stimulating and pleasurable experience for conference attendees. The evening party scene will be off the hook and plenty of attention will be paid to hosting events that have more to do with code than cerveza. As the Drupal community grows - and the attendance at Drupalcon is measured in thousands (instead of hundreds) - special care needs to be paid to making sure we maintain our distinctive community feel and give core developers a chance to discuss and plan the next big things for Drupal.

This initiative is only a proposal and the final decision over where Drupalcon North American 2010 will be located is up to the Drupal Association. However, if you are interested in getting involved with our planning process or want to keep up to date with our progress please checkout the proposal website - designed by the wonderful Nica Lorber - and follow us on Twitter.