Scalable Drupal API for Updating Content with Asynchronous HTTP Requests

Like sharks, the internet never stops swimming and the internet is the fastest shark you've ever seen. In this age of metaphor and large and never ending content flow; page refreshes are out and we're gonna need a bigger boat.

Enter: Live Update

Live Update is a scalable and extensible API to enable content update without requiring a page refresh. You tell Drupal when new content is ready (say on saving of a node) and JQuery will find that new content and insert it into the user's browser. New content, no refresh.

This module came out of our work on the PBS: Engage project. The Live Chat system is a moderated Question and Answer session run by PBS featuring guests like Bill Moyers and Terry Lickona. We are pleased to work with PBS to contribute this back to community.

Asynchronous HTML requests is the tip of the spearhead that is blurring the boundaries between desktop and the web. And we're helping to bring it to Drupal. Check it out!