Riding Your Bike the Drupal Way

It is sort of disappointing how goofy many cyclists look. Bicycling is such a wonderful thing and can be done with such great beauty, why do all the cycling jerseys need to be plastered with dull logos and inconsistent colors? We should leave the confusing and overlapping advertisements to Times Square and the Sunset Strip.

Perhaps that is just the way it is, but if we are going to have jerseys plastered with logos I think we know a good one to use. It is always wonderful to roll with a little style and when you mix it with Drupal, all good things.

The cool kids showing off the jerseys below are San Francisco's resident drupal genius Neil Drumm, fixed gear extraordinaire Zack Rosen, and always classy Josh Koenig.

The jerseys were designed by one of our cycling friends and manufactured by Canari Cyclewear. We did an initial run for our friends and family, but if you are a cyclist and would be interested in a jersey let us know. We are considering doing another run, perhaps as a fundraiser for the association.