Panels 2 and Vegan Donuts at BADCamp 2008

BADCamp is the Bay Area Drupal social event of the season. All of the cool drupal genius kids come out to socialize and make fantastic Drupal presentations. Attended by hundreds of Bay Area Drupalers, its really wonderful to see that kind of vibrancy in our local community. A big thanks to Tao Starbow and other members of the BADCamp planning group.

It is a lot of work to put on a Drupal camp. To do our part to help with this year's event, Chapter Three organized breakfast for all three hundred conference attendees on both Saturday and Sunday. We served hipster hip coffee from the Mission District, vegan donuts from Berkeley, an extended selection of juices, fruits, and bagels (with vegan cream cheese). Many thanks for this organizational effort goes to Rachael Boggan, our community and company liaison for excellence.

For my rockstar moment, I did a couple presentations on useful and fun Drupal things. The first presentation was a rapid fire presentation with drupal genius Neil Drumm about the Drupal development tools we use to build our sites. The talk was pretty dense with information and you can download the slides to check out the tools we talked about and do some investigation on your own.

The second presentation was on my favorite module, Panels 2. As I mentioned at the start of my talk, this module is our best hope to create the kind of administrative tool that will allow general people to easily build out the kind of awesome and powerful websites that those of us with a little Drupal development skills can already build. The talk helped to show people the many ways that Panels can be used to do wonderful things and got into a few tricks and tips that I have used to make Panels even better. Check out the slide presentation, listen to the audio, and download and play around with the module as much as possible.

It was a blast to see everyone and a big shout out to Quick Tabs wizard Katherine Bailey and Flat Cap Awesome Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg who both dropped in from out of town for the BADCamp party.