Sharing Drupal

As the Drupal project matures, new technologists surveying the landscape of available technologies may not pick Drupal as their platform of choice. Chapter Three has met this challenge by encouraging people at the beginning of their careers to explore Drupal and share our love of the platform. Two years ago, Terence Yang showed up at the BADCamp registration table on Saturday morning and ended up being a stellar volunteer for the entire weekend. The one request he had at the end of the camp was to learn more about Drupal. The following summer Terence and the Bay Area Video Coalition approached Chapter Three to see if we would be interested in hosting Terence as an intern for their BRIDGES program. The decision was easy to bring Terence on as an intern. We know from past experience that community volunteers make a great addition to our office. BAVC's team of videographers Chris Pizarro and Nelson G. Navarrete created a short documentary describing Terence's experience at Chapter Three.