WYSIWYG editors in Drupal

Configuring WYSIWYG editors in Drupal is now more complicated than ever. First you need to choose which editor you like, and then go through a period or pulling your hair out, banging your head against your keyboard, and frantically googling for instructions on how to get everything to work nicely together. When you're finally done and get something working, you probably don't even realize that you've exposed yourself to a potential security vulnerability. I'd like to share with you a best-practice approach for setting a Secure, usable WYSIWYG editor with several techniques for embedding images inline. The modules I'll be demonstrating include: WYSIWYG API WYSIWYG filter Better Formats Insert Image Resize Filter Filefield Sources IMCE ImageField Crop A complete tutorial on how to set up your own best-practices WYSIWYG editor can be found at http://wysiwyg.jenlampton.com