Introduction to Drupal

You've heard that this "Drupal" thing is perfect for your project. But what the heck is DRUPAL? What makes it unique from the other systems out there? Where did it come from? Why should I care? Drupal is a powerful tool that can provide functionality for your site that was beyond reach just a few years ago. It's a flexible, extendable, modular system that allows you to add and remove features with the click of a button. In this session we will cover the basics about the who, what and why of Drupal. We'll show a live demo which demonstrates the basics about how Drupal works including: * Modules * Content Types -> fields * Blocks & Regions * Themes * Users, permissions and roles Some other topics we'll cover include: * Security * Accessibility * Uses for Drupal We'll stick around after the presentation to answer any questions that we don't have time to cover in the session.