We provide three levels of support to provide maximum flexibility in coverage for your Drupal site

Level 1

Advice & diagnostics

Advice & diagnostics support includes identifying issues with Drupal core and with contributed or custom modules. We can troubleshoot an entire Drupal installation or configuration or diagnose issues with performing specific tasks. Our team can determine if Drupal modules or themes are not interacting as expected or if a Drupal site is not performing correctly within its environment. 

This level of support entitles our customers to engage Chapter Three Support and Engineering experts in discussions on best practices around topics like security, migration, performance tuning, module development, and architecture. 

This level of support includes:

  • Security best practices
  • Module selection best practices
  • Migration best practices
  • Performance best practices
  • Architecture best practices
  • Module development best practices

Level 2

Support, configuration & core administration

Chapter Three will proactively keep your site up-to-date with the latest security patches and module updates, as well as any incremental releases to core code. Our team can also handle minor site changes like adjustments to content types, blocks, or views, keeping your team focused on developing new features and content.

This level of support includes:

  • Drupal core security updates
  • Module installation and configuration
  • Module security updates
  • Module feature updates
  • Creation and modification of views and content types
  • Performance tuning via the user interface (UI)

Level 3

Yearly Drupal development support retainer

This retainer-based service is for ongoing, agile development. It ensures that you always have access to a top-notch Drupal developer to keep your site growing. This service level is ideal for sites that need constant development.

Our team of seasoned Drupal experts are on hand to perform tasks including, but not limited to:

  • Continuous site development
  • Architecture
  • Planning
  • HTML & CSS
  • High performance enhancements
  • Integrated project management
  • Analytics implementation