Drupal Theme Development

Course description

This two-day workshop teaches you to create your first custom theme from scratch.  You’ll learn how well-built themes integrate seamlessly with the rest of Drupal. You’ll customize the basic look for your site by creating a basic layout, defining block regions and adding a custom style sheet. You’ll see how to override template files from Drupal core and contributed modules.  As we explain how to work with PHP, we’ll also show you how to use Drupal’s internal functions to make your data safe for display.

What you will learn:

  • Creating a theme from scratch using Drupal best practices
  • Including your own style sheets and Javascript files
  • Overriding defaults HTML output using templates
  • Overriding Drupal theme functions
  • Changing template variable using preprocess functions
  • Techniques for keeping your site secure


2 days


Proficiency in HTML and CSS (and you shouldn’t be afraid of a little PHP). Familiarity with Drupal terms such as nodes, blocks, CCK, Views. Experience with Drupal configuration and use of contributed modules/themes is helpful for understanding the concepts of theme development.

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