Attracting prospective students

California College of the Arts (CCA) needed to curate its content to communicate better with prospective students. We strategically allocated CCA’s resources, executing a phased rollout of a larger set of enhancements with a focus on a mobile audience.

CCA iPhone Apply

Making an existing site responsive

In the research phase, we surfaced the differences between how students used the site on desktop and mobile. Based on our findings, we made a few structural improvements including redesigning the footer, improving the secondary navigation and increasing the prominence of high value content on the homepage. These changes were essential to the global task of making the whole site responsive.

CCA Responsive


To create consistency amongst the decentralized content creators, we created an 18-page, illustrated guide explaining how to write for the web, along with the science and research underlying each directive. The editorial guide specifies target word counts and guidelines for using anchor links, headers and basic formatting options throughout the CCA website. It also provides examples of concise web writing and outlines the do’s and dont’s of formatting and calls to action.

CCA Style Guide

“Chapter Three helped us develop a strategy for our content that improved our workflow, educated admins on best practices and set the stage for improving our web governance across the college.”



CCA’s decentralized content administration process presented a big challenge. A single web editor was charged with overseeing massive amounts of content, generated by many contributors. We defined a governance clarify roles, empower editors to maintain structure and consistency and simplify site maintenance.

CCA Content Governance

Small changes, big improvement

CCA didn’t have enough flexibility in their content editor to communicate important messages. We designed some key tools and created more heading and call-out styles. We added more intuitive jump menus and accordion menus for quicker content access, a related content section to eliminate dead ends, and masonry layouts so that gallery pages could feature more imagery.

CCA Content
CCA Content
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