Picking up the Pieces

The Journal of Commerce (JOC) website was a Drupal 6 site developed by a small shop that didn’t have the bandwidth to maintain it. Chapter Three extracted the code and data from the previous site. We then did a Drupal 7 upgrade and rebuilt many features that weren’t functioning optimally.

JOC 6 to 7

A Massive Content Migration

The JOC site had over 400,000 nodes and thousands of taxonomy terms. As we migrated massive amounts of content, we also re-architected the content and updated the design. We were able to interpret large volumes of data for JOC and work together with them to create project requirements.

JOC Content migration

Contextual Advertising Integration

Chapter Three wrote a custom module to integrate with Google’s DoubleClick platform. This allowed JOC’s thousands of taxonomy terms to auto-generate contextually relevant ads based on key terms. We also helped JOC add a subscription-based revenue model to create multiple revenue streams.

JOC Contextual ads

Third Party Integrations

JOC transitioned through several different internal and external systems for handling their authentication during the project. We helped fix bugs with the original authentication system, stabilize it, and then proceeded into a second phase where this system was replaced with a Salesforce-powered setup. We worked closely with JOC to beta test, provide feedback, and help with this complicated move. We also integrated Tableau data visualization with Drupal Views, so advertising content could be displayed contextually in different Tableau Views.

JOC 3rd party Salesforce
JOC 3rd party Tableau
JOC 3rd party Hallmark

“Through Chapter Three’s efforts we have a new channel of revenue from which we didn’t have before.  We were very pleased with speed, competency, and professionalism in undertaking a large effort within very tight time constraints.”


Protecting Revenue, Preserving Search Rankings

JOC needed to hide content from non-registered users, while exposing it to Google to gain search rankings and drive traffic. We implemented First Click Free, allowing Google to index and display gated content in its search results.

JOC Search rankings

Continuous Development

JOC required ongoing site development without a firm set of requirements. We were able to make requested modifications and updates on the fly, providing JOC with much needed and appreciated flexibility.

JOC Continuous deployment
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