“Chapter Three is fantastic. To deliver a solid website in 8 weeks that made the CEO happy and proud is all any client could ask for.”


Upgraded design

in just one month

Mobile design

for all pages

Strategy based

design and functionality

Overcoming website rigidity

Mashery, inventors of API management, came to Chapter Three with a rigid website that lacked the flexibility to support their communication needs. Their site used design elements that prevented important content from being featured. We delivered a new site that provided them with greater control over content, effectively communicated the value of their offerings, and showed their leadership in the API space.

Mashery Old Site

Infusing flexibility and scalability

Mashery Responsive

Showcasing Mashery’s strengths required overhauling the look of their website and creating a new information architecture. To reflect their #1 position as a provider of API technology meant a redesigning of their layouts, making it mobile responsive, and scalable for all of their content.


We designed key pages so that site administrators have the flexibility to arrange content using multiple columns and variable layouts.  To do this, we scrapped the default WYSIWYG in favor of the Field Collection module, which works well with responsive layouts. We leveraged the Isotope JavaScript library to dynamically display rich media content to end users.

Mashery Layouts

Reflecting the voice of the customer

We improved the prominence customer voices to endorse the effectiveness of Mashery’s services. Featured on the home page and contextually throughout the site, Mashery can now easily add customer quotes to support the value of their offerings.

Mashery Voice


Improving navigation meant making calls to action more prominent, integrating the external blog, and adding landing pages for Mashery’s resources. By removing browsing dead ends through curated related content, Mashery can now easily swap content in and out including links to any part of the website.

Mashery Site Architecture

A Brand New Look

Mashery Reusable Blocks 1
Mashery Reusable Blocks 2
Mashery Reusable Blocks 3
Mashery Reusable Blocks 4

We revamped the site’s typography using Gotham, a modern typeface that complemented the site’s professional appearance. To update the look and feel, we increased the prominence of the illustrations and simplified the color palette, removing the full spectrum of colors and adding cool greys for depth and sophistication.

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