242% increase

in lead generation

246% increase

in users

203% increase

in page views

Bridging the Gap

Chapter Three worked on both the Nexant corporate site and the NexantThinking site. Stakeholder teams for the two sites were completely distinct and not collocated. Chapter Three bridged the gap by facilitating communication and connecting silos. With overlapping project timelines, we were able to point out requests from one team that might impact the other and get both teams in the same room when necessary.

Nexant Sites

"Your team brought valuable and unique insight on how to improve our website in order to better capture and communicate our new company vision. They worked hard, smart, and made the project fun."



Nexant came to Chapter Three with an internal design consultant who had spent seven months focusing on high-level strategy and re-thinking the Nexant brand, from copy and logo to imagery. Our team worked directly with Nexant’s to bring real, tactical strategy to the work that they had done. Because both teams spoke the same language, this was an effective partnership allowing us to deliver a high-value product.

Nexant Collaborating


Lead generation is the primary goal of the Nexant corporate site. Chapter Three looked for ways to make the entire site support that goal. We created the ability to place custom lead generation blocks, contextually, on any page of the site. We also eliminated all dead ends by adding related content links throughout. We customized their Pardot integration to protect content like white papers and webinars and ensure that a user only has to fill out the form once.

Nexant Lead


Chapter Three replaced NexantThinking’s 10-year-old Coldfusion system and created a major increase in efficiency and revenue. Reports, which are sold offline and delivered through the website, are one of NexantThinking’s major revenue streams. Previously, NexantThinking was able to offer only one level of subscription access and its management tools were limited.

Chapter Three increased the usability and efficiency of the website and implemented a scalable infrastructure. We used Drupal to improve the reports delivery mechanism as well as their security and management process. We developed a fine-grained permissions system for setting custom levels of report access. Companies can now login, see all of the reports they can access, and download reports in Excel so they can manipulate them.

Nexant Report

Data Visualization

Nexant Resuable Block 1
Nexant Resuable Block 2
Nexant Resuable Block 3
Nexant Resuable Block 4
Nexant Resuable Block 5

NexantThinking offers detailed data on energy and chemicals to its advisory services customers. Chapter Three used custom code to connect Views with NexantThinking’s custom database and the contributed module Visualization to connect Views with the Highcharts JavaScript library. Highcharts allows the user to plug in data and choose from a variety of visualizations, all including labelling, scaling, animations more.

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