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The Best Part Is No Part

January 14, 2021
I once sat on a mountain and deeply contemplated the mysteries of Drupal development. Actually, I live on a mountain, so I do this every day, and the title of this post isn't a Zen revelation, I stole that from ...
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An Experiment: GraphQL in Twig

December 03, 2020
While experimenting with Gatsby + Drupal and doing research for my previous posts here, I came across the GraphQL Twig module. This module is beta and hasn't had a lot of activity. I'm not sure how it addresses ...
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Drupal Backender Learns Gatsby: Core JSON:API vs GraphQL 3

November 18, 2020
At BADCamp 2019 I attended Michael Schmid’s presentation on decoupled web site building and hosting. There, I learned about the GraphQL module that's been developed to do decoupled Drupal, instead of JSON:API ...
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