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Israel Morales
Drupal Developer
August 07, 2016
(This module was tested on drupal 8.1.8) Problem to solve Sometimes working with Views can be a challenge, in some cases you want to modify the values or process the content of the field.
December 14, 2015
My installation settings: Drupal 7 WYSIWYG Version 7.x-2.2+73-dev ckeditor 4.5.1 Client requirements. I created a simple CKeditor plugin that allows non-technical writers to change the text of a URL only by selecting (partially) the link and editing the content in a prompt. This small plugin allows the end users to avoid typos or deleting the URL by mistake. In order to make this plugin work in Drupal, I needed to create a plugin for the WYSIWYG Drupal module (the Drupal way).

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