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How markup is safe in Drupal 8

February 04, 2016
Nobody wants a website that can be hacked. Drupal has a great security track record and works hard to ensure that core and contributed modules are safe for everyone to use. One of the most common types of ...
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How to Turn Off Drupal 8 Caching

January 21, 2016
Recently one of my fellow Chapter Three colleagues asked this question to the group: " How do I see template changes without having to clear caches"? There were actually a few more expletives and swears in his ...
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A Better Way to Administrate Drupal - Part 1

January 14, 2016
I started an internal discussion with the team about the possibility of contributing an administrative theme to the community. Many were eager to help. A new Slack channel was born, and a impassioned flurry of ...
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Drupal Development and Server Environment Best Practices

January 11, 2016
When starting a new project we often outline our development process with our clients. The explanation helps our clients understand how important each aspect is to the immediate- and long-term success of their ...
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Top 5 Posts from 2015

January 05, 2016
Happy new year, everyone. 2016 is now upon us, and we're all looking forward to the coming year with optimism, enthusiasm and anticipation. We've also had the opportunity to reflect on the past year's ...
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Lessons from Porting Entityqueue to Drupal 8

December 09, 2015
Ever since the word Symfony was first whispered on IRC there has been a lot of anxiety in the Drupal community about how much, and what kind of effort will be needed to port a contrib module from Drupal 7 to ...
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Drupal 8 Theming: Basic guide to theme *.info.yml files

December 08, 2015
At Chapter Three, we’re quite versed with Drupal training . We have a long history of instructing the community on the various ways to use, theme and develop for Drupal. One of our more popular training courses ...
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How to Create Custom Theme Suggestions in Drupal 8

December 01, 2015
Recently a team-mate needed to theme a Views exposed filter element from a <select> list into a series of <checkboxes>. Luckily, with the introduction of Twig and the ever-so-useful Theme Debug setting , ...
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