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8 Months of Drupal 8 On Production

November 19, 2015
As we get ready for our Drupal 8 release party today, over here at Chapter Three, Drupal 8 is starting to feel a lot more like business as usual. We launched our first Drupal 8 production site on 4/11/2015. In ...
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Drupal 8 Theming: Setting up theme debugging

November 12, 2015
We’re certainly not strangers to Drupal training . Chapter Three has a long history of instructing community members, old and new, on the various ways to theme Drupal. One of our more prominent training courses ...
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Drupal 8 Myths

November 02, 2015
We’ve been in the thick of it, we’ve launched projects on beta versions of Drupal 8. We’ve experienced the tectonic undulations of the development process and we’ve felt the project timeline swell to a Release ...
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Giving Back

October 21, 2015
A couple years ago, we decided to make a substantial investment in Drupal by employing a Drupal 8 core developer. The investment has paid off in ways we never anticipated, transforming our company for the ...
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Decapitated Drupal: The Downsides of Decoupling

August 20, 2015
Anyone who has attended a Drupal event in the last few years has had plenty of opportunities to learn all about the technical details of implementing a headless Drupal site. If you haven't already been exposed ...
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Principles of Configuration Management - Part Three

July 13, 2015
This is the third in a series of posts about Drupal 8's configuration management system. The Configuration Management Initiative (CMI) was the first Drupal 8 initiative to be announced in 2011 , and we've ...
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Drupal 8 Automated Testing with Travis CI

May 14, 2015
Travis CI burst onto the hosted continous integration scene by offering free testing for public projects. If your code is on Github and available to the public then Travis will run your tests for you. I will ...
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Presentation: Drupal 8 Theming

April 27, 2015
This presentation was given at San Diego Drupal Camp , San Francisco Drupal Users Group , and Stanford Drupal Camp . The goal was to give users as a step-by-step instruction manual for building a theme in ...
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Is Your Project Ready for Drupal 8?

April 22, 2015
As the potential release date for Drupal 8 slowly creeps up we've launched our first Drupal 8 site and are planning to kick off several more in the next few months. Through this process we've learned a lot ...
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Presentation: Drupal 8 Module Development

April 17, 2015
This session was presented at Bay Area Drupal Camp , San Diego Drupal Camp , Phoenix Drupal Camp , and Stanford Drupal Camp . Have you written a few simple modules for Drupal 7, and are a little bit nervous to ...
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