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Redesigning the Bay Area Video Coalition

June 09, 2016
We crafted a stunning new website for the Bay Area Video Coalition, a leading media non-profit in San Francisco. Making Users Feel at Home The Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) is a youthful, vibrant organization ...
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How I customized my Drupal Slideshow

January 29, 2014
How I customized my Drupal Slideshow So a client wants a slideshow. No problem! Oh, they want full WYSIWYG for the captions. No problem. What about an option to let a user grab embed code? Easy. It must be ...
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An Event Apart SF 2013 Recap

December 13, 2013
I just got back from An Event Apart San Francisco and my brain is about to burst. I’ll do my best to summarize my most significant learnings and share lots of great new (to me) tools and resources. Recurring ...
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Happy Holidays from Chapter Three!

December 06, 2013
We finished our yearly Holiday card last week and thought: "why should mailboxes get all the fun?" We've made some festive wallpapers to adorn your mobile devices and bring a smile to your face every time you ...
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Interesting uses for :hover

January 18, 2012
We all have to admit that CSS has some shortcomings. Thanks to the adoption of CSS3 and increasing standardization between browsers, this is getting better. During a recent course on responsive theming, I ...
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Presentation: How to Build a Mobile Site with Drupal

September 28, 2011
Co-presented by Andrew Berry, Lullabot.The trend towards a "mobile first" use of the web is showing no signs of slowing down. It's no longer enough to have websites that are functional on mobile. They must work ...
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Drupal and Mobile are Friends

May 20, 2011
If you haven’t jumped into the mobile arena yet, you are late to the party. Luckily, Drupal makes it shockingly easy to serve mobile-optimized content. Here are some scenarios: Scenario 1: Make an existing site ...
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