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Insights That Inspire

Presentation: A Drupal City

April 11, 2018
I presented at DrupalCon Nashville about working with the City of San Francisco to make a better transaction experience for residents. Moving beyond a simple content site where we tell users how to do things ...
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Deep Dive into D8: Single Sign-On (SSO) Example Module

May 19, 2017
At DrupalCon Baltimore, I presented a Single Sign-On (SSO) example module illustrating how object oriented programming makes Drupal 8 modules easier to code, understand and debug. The website developed for the ...
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15+ Ways to Debug Drupal 8 (for Front-Enders)

May 17, 2017
At DrupalCon Baltimore, I presented a session on how front-end developers can effectively debug Drupal 8. The session explored some of the challenges front-end developers face getting data from Twig templates ...
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BADCamp 2016 Roundup

October 31, 2016
Our minds and hearts were full as BADCamp 2016 came to a close. It was overflowing with excellent presentations and the best of the community. Our team led a Drupal 8 training, presented in the Front End Summit ...
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Presentation: NPM: The Only Build Tool You Need*

June 18, 2016
Gulp has become the de facto build tool for front-end developers in- and outside of the Drupal community. In this Drupal North session I gave a step-by-step demonstration of how to create the most common Gulp ...
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Dear Mom and Dad, Camp is Fun!

March 10, 2016
SandCamp and Florida DrupalCamp 2016 Five of the Chapter Three team headed off to sunny San Diego and Florida to train, lead sessions and enjoy the warm weather at SandCamp and FloridaDrupal camp. In case you ...
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Presentation: Remote Entities: Past, Present and Future

October 29, 2015
This session was given at BADCamp 2015. It detailed how Colan and Dave Bailey leveraged remote entities using various APIs to provide a standard mechanism for loading, creating and saving external data objects ...
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Presentation: Building your Open Source Resume

July 20, 2015
I spoke at OSCON (Open Source Convention) on Wed, July 22, 2015 about Building your open resume. Here are the slides from that session. Here are some fun sketch notes of the session from Aaron Summer. Topics ...
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