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MILITARY.COM BREAKS FREE OF OLD CMS TECHNICAL DEBT is a publishing website with 32 million users, 10 million of whom are logged in at any given time. After 10+ years on Oracle Fatwire, Military Advantage, Inc. was eager to alleviate technical debt, and move to a modern, powerful platform. Chapter Three and Drupal 8 to the rescue.

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Seamless rollout of new platform

The primary challenge with publishing websites is massive quantities of content. Military had over 15 years of legacy content, with dozens of new articles and updates being published every day. We migrated over 100,000 pieces of content from Fatwire and 7 Wordpress blogs in batches to minimize duplicative content entry.

Chapter Three designed and planned the re-platforming to minimize business impact for We hedged against surprises and mistakes by breaking the project into several sub-projects and working with the respective product owners. 

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Flexible Templates to Free Editors

The flexible template system we engineered empowers editors to decide the best layout for their content sections, allowing them to cater to their specific audience as effectively as possible, without influencing other editors or relying on developers. All of the layouts they can leverage are responsive. Editors can also create content feeds ad hoc, so other services can ingest the latest and greatest. The site also integrates with Brightcove and YouTube to import video content. 

Military desktop
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