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Creating a fully responsive, multilingual template for the world’s third largest manufacturer of contact lenses



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A Feature-Rich, Responsive Installation Profile

Like many large, multi-national, consumer-based companies, CooperVision needed to easily spin-up and manage feature-rich, multi-lingual web sites. To solve this problem, we created a fully responsive, multilingual installation profile product for CooperVision. The installation profile product is deployed on the CooperVision Acquia Hosting platform as a multi-site instance. This powerful set of tools gives CooperVision the ability to rapidly deploy, manage and host it’s entire website ecosphere.

CooperVision Find a Lens
Coopervision Responsive

Mobile-First, Flexible Content Structure

The mobile experience is becoming increasingly important. Displaying curated content to mobile users is key to a good experience. Our solution took a content-first approach to identify the diverse use cases of CooperVision’s international marketing teams. Using flexibility as a guiding principle, we produced designs that could accommodate large or small amounts of content. This included designing navigation systems that would not break when translated.


Each site created from the template comes with complete multilingual functionality. CooperVision Canada, for example, offers content in both French and English based on user selection. We utilized the translation management module suite and Internationalization suite (i18n) to help streamline and ease the process for translating site content.

CooperVision nav languages


CooperVision site administrators needed flexible control over content display. We provided this flexibility by creating modular layouts that empower administrators while preserving responsive design integrity. This solution included a custom call to action block that can be inserted into any page with the click of a button.

CooperVision Content Row Templates
CooperVision laptop

2 SITES: CONSUMER AND PRACTITIONER is a single site catering to both consumers and eye care practitioners. The practitioner side offers a complete package of tools and advice for practitioners to help grow their businesses and ecommerce functionality so they can order lenses for patients.


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