Senior Front-End Developer

I'm a web developer who enjoys working with front end technologies and challenging what is possible in Drupal.

Most recently I have been focused on the intersection of traditional content management systems, like Drupal, with modern JavaScript. In many cases, this means using a decoupled (aka headless) architecture to provide CMS data to a front end framework like React.

I live in the Chicago suburbs with my wonderful family - my wife, son, and two cats. Prior to moving to the Midwest I grew up on the East Coast.

One of my biggest hobbies outside of work is playing video games. I'm a huge Nintendo fan and have been since back in the NES days. For about 15 years I performed comedy on a regular basis - primarily long form group improv in the Boston area.

I enjoy distance running and ran one full marathon only to realize that half-marathons are my sweet spot. I also enjoy BBQ, whiskey, and craft beer which offsets most of the benefits of running. I can do a pretty solid brisket on my smoker.