Search API Excerpts in Next.js

On a couple of recent Next.js projects, the design called for highlighted excerpts to be displayed in the search results:

Hell is Programming a Calendar (Part 1)

A project team is managing a site for people to see events in their local community. The client asks the team to make a (seemingly) pretty simple feature; they want logged-in users to be able to ma...

Why has decoupled Drupal been slow to adopt?

The notion of using Drupal as an API-first CMS has been floating around the community for many years. There has been a dream to fully use Drupal as a content platform and...

When the Drupal 9 Upgrade is Hard

One of the major selling points of Drupal 9 is that the upgrade is really easy: fix your deprecated code, update your contrib modules, run some composer magic, and you’re done. While that usually i...

Eight Awesome Things About Next-Drupal

In some upcoming posts, we'll provide more details about the practical steps to implementing Next-Drupal. For now we present eight excellent reasons...

Rolling and Writing: Getting to (remotely) know you

When I started at Chapter Three in mid-2021 I found myself in a challenging situation. I was a brand new employee who wanted to get to know my co-workers, but I also work remotely and wasn’t going ...