Susan McCormick Senior Project Manager
June 7, 2024
We Are Creators

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been delving into the “We Are” phrases on our homepage. We’ve put a lot of thought into who we are as an agency and what words and phrases best describe us. We innovate within the Drupal space, we strategize on digital content, we lead by example, we offer expertise to our clients and the Drupal community, and we do great design work. Above all, we are creators – creators of great websites and digital solutions that are as robust as they are stylish.  What types of digital solutions do we create at Chapter Three? Here are some of our specialties.

Lightning-Fast Decoupled Websites

Our custom Next.js-based offering, Next-Drupal, was a COVID-era project that has since become widely discussed in the Drupal community. Our clients have been increasingly liking what they see and opting for it.

One of our earliest Next-Drupal clients was California State University Bakersfield’s Extended Education department. In a competitive quest for an optimally performing website, CSUB Extended Education came back to us six years after we built them a Drupal 8 site, in search of something faster and more robust. We showed them our Next-Drupal offering and they liked what they saw. Today they have a beautiful site that loads in a fraction of a second.

More recently, we built a new website for The Shops at Santa Anita, a busy shopping mall in Arcadia, California. They needed a temporary solution built within two weeks – a challenge, but we were able to do it. Next we built a permanent new web presence for them using Next-Drupal. The result was a stylish, nimble, super-fast site capable of weathering traffic spikes of any size, critical for a retailer with seasonal traffic surges.

We’re continuing to improve our decoupled offerings and recently released Next-Drupal 2.0 with some major enhancements. We’re also continuing to work to ensure optimal hosting environments for our decoupled products as more and more clients are interested in this type of solution.

Dynamic Developer Portals

Another of our specialties is building developer portals with the Apigee Kickstart platform. Many companies and organizations are looking to export their APIs to the world, and these companies require dev portals. We’ve carved out a niche creating such portals using a platform we designed for Google (who now own Apigee).

One of our more recent Apigee clients is Black Knight, a company that specializes in providing software, data, and analytics solutions for the real estate and mortgage lending industries. Black Knight needed a dev portal for users and external developers in the industries they serve. We built them a stylish, user-friendly portal geared for four different categories of users: mortgage lenders, mortgage servicers, secondary markets, and enablers.

Another recent and similarly large dev portal client is iCIMS, a cloud-based human resources and recruiting software company. iCIMS came to us with an existing Kickstart portal that had serious shortcomings. As Kickstart experts, we were able to identify aspects of the platform that weren’t being used optimally and completely revamp it. The result was a brand new portal that makes it much easier for iCIMS to make its APIs available to partners.

We’ve written extensively about Kickstart and developer portals in general and we are very proud of this specialty of ours.

Let’s Build Something Cool Together!

When it comes to Drupal, there’s very little we can’t do or haven’t done before. We’re always developing creative solutions to problems faced by developers and clients and making them available to the community. And we’re always creating something new, whether it’s a new module for the developer community, an entirely new platform, or a new site with exciting new features.

If you’re in the market for anything we’ve discussed here or beyond, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today and present us with a new creative challenge. We’re up for anything!