Arlina Espinoza Senior Technical Lead
May 28, 2024
We Are Experts

The word “expert” gets a bad rap in today’s world. Nobody likes a know-it-all, and with trust in our institutions at an all-time low, people have become deeply suspicious of anything resembling self-protecting ivory tower-like silos of expertise. Meanwhile, social media has given us a galaxy of self-proclaimed experts on pretty much everything, who have done much to erode the very idea of expertise.

But what exactly is an expert? An expert is a one-time beginner who kept at it year after year. An expert is someone who isn’t afraid to make mistakes, who has made lots of them, and learned from them.

At Chapter Three, we have a tight-knit team of experts in strategy, design, development, and project management. Our team members hold Drupal 9/10 developer and front-end certifications, demonstrating our technical expertise and commitment to staying at the forefront of web development best-practices.

Cultivating Expertise

When it comes to talent acquisition, there are two kinds of organizations. The first is the type that goes after the most skilled people in specific niches, with job postings heavy on specific qualifications. The second is the type that believes in on-the-job learning, and pursues candidates who possess overall intelligence, creativity, and a go-getter attitude.

Chapter Three falls into this latter category. If you read our staff profiles, you’ll see that our people come from all backgrounds. Yes, we have highly trained Drupal developers who went to school for just that, but we also have devs originally trained as graphic designers, project managers who were once professional writers, master coders with history degrees, and so on. We believe in hiring super-smart people who can build expertise by doing.

We also believe in keeping people around. The average tenure for a Chapter Three employee is eight years, and we have numerous team members who have been with us for over a decade, meaning they’ve been with the company for more than half its history. Multiply that average by 20 and you have a combined 160 years of experience spanning development, design, project management, and other areas. Not bad for a small agency!

When we put together project teams, we always make sure that rookies have seasoned veterans to mentor them, and that every project has ample expert support. We have numerous Acquia-certified developers and site builders on our team, as well as Project Management Professional (PMP)-certified project managers leading projects.

An Impressive Track Record

In our 18 years of operation, Chapter Three has taken on all kinds of projects spanning almost every industry and scope. We’ve done everything from single-page microsites to vast multisite ecosystems. We’ve successfully delivered on near-impossible deadlines and overcome every manner of logistical challenge, all with our trademark attention to detail and communicative customer service.

We have some big ones in our portfolio that we’re especially proud of. The Judicial Council of California project was a massive undertaking, involving migrating 44 Drupal 7 sites to Drupal 10, while implementing a new design system. We’re proud of our work with the United Nations Development Programme’s Human Development Reports Office, which was also a complex multisite system featuring a plethora of reports and other publications.

As one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s leading web agencies, we have a ton of local experience, including the City of San Francisco, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), UC Berkeley’s Vice Chancellor for Research, the California Children’s Hospital Association, and various departments associated with the University of California, San Francisco. We've also worked with the World Bank in multiple capacities, and built tourism sites for Rapid City, South Dakota and Los Angeles, California.

We also have extensive experience in some niche areas of web development. In recent years, we’ve become vocal champions of decoupled Drupal. We were able to accomplish this because of our team’s deep knowledge of Next.js, as well as Drupal. We’re also experts in building developer portals thanks to our experience with Apigee’s suite of tools.

If you need a new site built or an existing one migrated or updated and you want a highly experienced team of experts supporting you, we’ve got you covered! Contact us today and find out just how deep our expertise goes.