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A tourist portal that combines the dream of Los Angeles with practical traveler tools

A global destination for leisure and business travelers, Los Angeles is a city with infinite tourism possibilities. Delivering a wealth of curated recommendations, event listings, and promotional content, the new tourism website for the City of Angels was a complex project with a simple goal: make visitors feel welcome by giving them easy access to LA's best neighborhoods and experiences. 

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Discover LA - laptop and iphone

The Problem

The old "Discover Los Angeles" website was increasingly bogged down by years of organic growth including the addition of microsites, features, and administrative needs. Among other things, this resulted in redundant pages, confusing layouts, and increasing effort to manage content across the variety of competing sections and subsites.

It was extremely difficult for editors to create feature-rich content, like stories, guides and itineraries, which is why, over time, the site grew to depend on a variety of formats to deliver key information.

Discover Los Angeles - beach and ocean
Palm Trees in Los Angeles

Our Solution

  • Create complex landing page templates to replace previously-used microsites for promotional campaigns. This allows this content to be better integrated within the Discover LA website.
  • Build out new maps, including geolocation down to specific neighborhoods.
  • Manage the migration of content and features from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8.
  • Reduce overall complexity of the administrative and technical backend.

These technical updates were paired with Discover LA's existing branding to create a highly visual and highly useful site, with more direct access to local events and customized content for visitors and locals alike. A Hollywood dream come true.

Discover Los Angeles - 3 desktop layouts
Discover Los Angeles - 5 mobile designs

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