How to progressively decouple your Drupal site with Next.js and JSON:API

May 19, 2022
At Chapter Three, we believe that most Drupal websites could gain a performance boost by going headless. While this is how we’re planning to build future Drupal sites, we understand going all in on headless might not be feasible for existing sites. This is why we built next-drupal for progressive adoption.

Search API Excerpts in Next.js

May 11, 2022
On a couple of recent Next.js projects, the design called for highlighted excerpts to be displayed in the search results:

Eight Awesome Things About Next-Drupal

March 2, 2022
In some upcoming posts, we'll provide more details about the practical steps to implementing Next-Drupal. For now we present eight excellent reasons...

Let’s Rethink Multi-site, ok?​

September 14, 2021
Drupal multisite is the method used to host many sites using one Drupal installation.  This concept and ability have been around since the beginning of Drupal.  It solved lots o...