John Faber Managing Partner Follow
March 21, 2022

Chapter Three has been working to ensure our Next-Drupal product is the best solution it can be, and so we're thrilled to announce that Chapter Three is part of the Vercel Partner program. Chapter Three can now provide the type of premium support that helps transition customers to a fantastic decoupled platform. Vercel is an essential component in the hosting stack, and Chapter Three could not be happier to be part of their partner program.

Chapter Three Vercel Partnership

Next-Drupal, built by Chapter Three, allows you to easily decouple your Drupal site and take advantage of the magic of Next.js. Decoupled Drupal projects have failed in the past because they did not fully address the needs of content editors, who need editorial controls to work in real-time on the front-end. Next-Drupal provides a real-time instant editorial experience on a Next.js front-end. It's a decoupled dream come true.

 Next-Drupal is currently available on Vercel as a one-click project install, making it very easy to use on the platform.

Contact Chapter Three with your Decoupled or Next.js ideas, and let’s work together and build something unique using Vercel!