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John Faber

Managing Partner

I sell Drupal sites to customers and make them happy.

I've been involved in the SF Bay Area Internet industry since 1991 (yes, 1991!) and ran a large local ISP during the dotcom era. I've been working in the Drupal community the past seven years as a Drupal developer, architect, and sales consultant. I run SFDUG and Users Helping Users, and am deeply involved in the local Drupal scene. The team and the work done at Chapter Three are amazing. It was a natural place for me to land. Sales works closely with project management and staff resourcing, and stays close to our developers to keep them involved in cool projects.

I have a beautiful son named Zachary, a beautiful wife named Joan and two brown labs named Sugaree and Bela Rose. I love to camp with my son, ride my Harley, flyfish, and play golf. My favorite music is Country Music and The Grateful Dead. I've lived in California for 20 years, but am originally from the East Coast.

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