Fixing the Drupal Document Problem With Document OCR

June 13, 2023
If you are a Digital Manager of an enterprise website, you likely have a large PDF problem. Over the years, your site has become a labyrinth of linked PDFs – thousands of them – accessible only via...

A Redesign in Support of Children's Health

March 21, 2023
The California Children's Hospital Association (CCHA) is a membership organization that champions children's health, well-being and quality of care in California's children's hospitals. Like many n...

When the Drupal 9 Upgrade is Hard

April 7, 2022
One of the major selling points of Drupal 9 is that the upgrade is really easy: fix your deprecated code, update your contrib modules, run some composer magic, and you’re done. While that usually i...

Drupal 9 Proofing your Site

March 13, 2020
Drupal 9 release date has been pinned for June 3, 2020, and it's coming up super fast. What does that mean for your site? First of all, don't panic. Drupal 7 and 8 end of life are schedul...