March 21, 2023

The California Children's Hospital Association (CCHA) is a membership organization that champions children's health, well-being and quality of care in California's children's hospitals. Like many non-profit organizations, the team at CCHA is busy and focused on its programs and policy advocacy, so their website must be both an effective communicator and easy to manage and grow. To do that, this project had a few key measures of success:

1. Make the editorial experience much easier

2. Introduce related content between news and programs to allow one step publishing across the site

3. Create a new design that incorporates repeatable graphic components for page creation, thoughtful images and a softer palette of colors and patterns.

CCHA Pediatric Training Image



With a small team that is primarily focused on program deliverables, there's little time for complicated backend content administration, especially when learning a new tool. In order to make learning the system and migrating content both collaborative and focused, we led remote working sessions where content was developed in real time by staff while we served as real-time 'proctors' and technical support for several assignments. This made learning content administration interactive and more real than a typical training session. 

We invite you to learn more about CCHA's work. And thanks to the staff team for a wonderful project on behalf of California's children!